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Vindex Schola is a highly scalable School Management System software which helps in managing the day-to-day operations of a school. It is a seamless, intuitive web-based solution that helps to manage student and employee information. It helps to streamline the education process. Our Solution's objective is to ensure a cost effective and efficient automation of file movement and its relative work within an organization.

Vindex Schola ensures a paperless office management system, it facilitates file tracking, statistical analysis of data and systematized dispersion of information which will ease the work of school management and admin. We provide separate Login facility by giving online Student Login, Employee Staff Login, Parent Login & School Administrator Login. These logins can also be accessed through your Personalized Vindex Schola Mobile APP.

Vindex Schola is providing the functionality to maintain the data of student, staff, their attendances, library, school inventory, purchases, payments etc.

Why Us

Streamlined flow of Information

Improved process with complete workflow automation

Better decision-making capability

Increased productivity

Improves control and monitoring

Parents can access to all the academic information of their children via internet

Some Amazing Features


This feature is to display the profile of every student that contains the photograph, contact details, parent’s details, address, class in-charge details, course details and emergency contact so that school administration or faculty could be able to grab the details of students in any emergency situations.
You Get instant access to student’s details with an easy search option. Schools/institutes can manage student and parents/guardian details easily with view and edit option.


Here is the effective way to manage teaching or non-teaching staff details and view/edit them quickly as and when needed. Schools/institutes can add and manage all staff data with two option under staff module.
Option 1: Single Entry - Enter staff member details one by one or
Option 2 - Mass data upload – i.e. if you have all staff data in excel or .csv format it can be uploaded on single click.


This module is beneficial for both students and school’s administration. With the Integrated Fees module, schools can easily collect fees from the students using online payment gateways. The module also provides features for managing dues, discounts, refunds, challan generation & confirmation along with multiple reports. Parents can pay the fees of their children without rushing to the school or bank and school administration can be updated with the fee status of students. Fees management sends the notification to the parents if fees of any students remain due. ?


An effective feature of Vindex Schola, which makes the admission process easy, faster and paperless using online admission form. It helps to have a clear visibility on student’s details for future. From managing admission enquiries to giving provisional admission, this module takes care of all the admission related requirements of the school. The module also provides features like certificate generation, Student ID card Generation along with multiple reports.


This module keeps track of the student’s attendance and notifies the parents via message or email if the student is absent or bunks the class. With this module, there is No need to maintain the paper registers each month. Teachers can take roll call on SMART device/Phone. There’s Real time update to parent’s mobile. Attendance reports will be generated on single click and can be shared using email or print on paper if needed.


This features Marks & tracks student attendance quickly to enable teachers to focus on the lesson at hand. This makes it easier for students to submit their homework or assignments online. Therefore, a faculty can grade a student just by reading the assignment submitted by a student anytime and anywhere. Vindex Schola provides smarter way of assigning subject wise homework, with real time update to parents. Even during absence students can receive home work.


You can Manage your institution inventory in more effective way with our store management module. You can record & maintain item and supplier details, raise indents & purchase orders, as well as create invoices & goods received notes and make sure the items are properly utilized. The module also provides features for maintaining vendor details and their payment along with multiple reports.


This feature can manage multiple libraries in your school. All the processes of library like Book issue & return, managing books, serials & periodicals can be easily maintained in this module. This is an opportunity to make your library more advance and library staff/users more efficient & dynamic with this online module. You can keep the full track of book records, in circulation books, late fine, etc. with an easy search and integrated way.


Manages and optimizes your entire transportation operation to ensure safe & efficient transport of students to and from school. You can maintain vehicle & routing details, collect transportation fees, & track the number of students using school transport. Now manage bus routes, stops, timing, students & fee. Track bus location. This optimizes operations and make it more efficient.


This module helps a school to create and publish its time-table, which can be viewed & accessed by staff, students & parents in their respective Online and Mobile App logins. With the help of time-table management, faculty can be able to view and edit time-table. Also, it helps to notify the faculty if he or she has to take a class in replacement of absent faculty.


Visitor Management System is the vital part of security management system. VMS helps the schools to efficiently manage the visitors and track the visitor details. The top priority of every schools is to be safe and secure from the fraudulent people. Every day many visitors will be part of any school. Our VMS gives the best solution to ensure the tracking thereby providing the safety and security of your school. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a VMS can record the visits of specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.


This feature automates scheduling of examinations, publish results notifying students and parents and printing of report card online. Students & Parents can check the result online via Mobile APP of School. This feature makes it possible for the faculties to upload the result on the software so that both students and parents can view the performance of the student in exam. This module makes teacher & admin staff more easy and productive.

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